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Les savoirs en continu ISO 26,000 in CSR: too complicated to apply?

jeudi 22 mar 2012

Mr. Rob Steele
Secretary-General of ISO, International Organization for Standardization

ISO Secretary-General since 1 January 2009, Rob Steele was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Standards New Zealand (SNZ). Rob is a Chartered Accountant, a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management. During his tenure as CEO of the New Zealand standards body, he represented SNZ on the ISO Council and Council Standing Committee on Strategy, and the ISO Technical Management Board where he was involved in developing policies on the global relevance of International Standards. He was also Secretary of the Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) from 2002 to April 2007.

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ISO 26000, social responsibility, developing countries, safety, trade, international exchanges