22nd Meeting of "Archéologie et Gobelets" The Bell Beaker Culture in All its Forms
Besse Marie
The First "Archéologie et Gobelets" conference, founded by Marie Besse, Maxence Bailly, Fabien Convertini,
and Laure Salanova, took place in Geneva, Switzerland in 1996. For the past 25 years, the goal of this
conference has been to bring together researchers of the Bell Beaker and Final Neolithic periods as well
as the Early Bronze Age in order to encourage collaborations between institutions and to initiate contacts
between junior and senior researchers.
"Archéologie et Gobelets" 2021 at the University of Geneva
The Laboratory of prehistoric archaeology and anthropology at the University of Geneva is happy
to host the next “Archéologie et Gobelets” conference in Geneva, Switzerland. This year will involve
the conference’s rst sessions in a virtual format, with all presentations and discussions passing
through a virtual platform. For this reason, we have waived all conference fees.
The goal of this year’s theme, “The Bell Beaker Culture in All its Forms”, is to bring together the
various elds working to better understand the Bell Beaker culture. During these two days of
presentations, we look forward to hearing about recent and ongoing work from both junior and
senior researchers. The presentations on Thursday will follow the general theme of "Archaeological
Material" and conclude with a virtual workshop. On Friday, the morning session will include
communications concerning "Funerary Archaeology and Anthropology" and the afternoon session
will follow the theme "Reconstructing Bell Beaker Society". Each presentation will last 15 minutes
followed by 5 minutes for questions and comments. Throughout the conference, we encourage
discussions in all aspects of archaeology, anthropology, paleoenvironmental research, etc. The
coee breaks will additionally involve breakout rooms for participants to discuss in smaller groups.
For those interested, we will also organize a publication of the conference proceedings with
Archaeopress Archaeology that will be available in 2022.
Scientic and Organizing Committee ~ with the support of Prof. Marie Besse ~
Dr. Claudine Abegg Delia Carloni Dr. Florian Cousseau Eve Derenne Jessica Ryan-Despraz