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Theme 2: Funerary Archaeology and Anthropology Part 2 led by Dr. Claudine Abegg

vendredi 22 jan 2021
Institut des Sciences de l'Environnement - Directement rattaché a l'institut

10:30–10:50 J. Ryan-Despraz
C. Nicolas
GreatWarriors? Great Hunters? Something Else?
Biographies of the Bell Beaker Archers and their
Equipment from the Czech Republic
10:50–11:10 A. Caraglio
P. Ríos
C. Liesau
A Bipartite Network Analysis of Bell Beaker Decoration
Diversity in Camino de Las Yeseras (Madrid, Spain)
11:10–11:30 M. Penco
L. Sarti
Environmental and Economic Assets of Bell Beakers
in the Florentine Plain (Italy). New Data from Fosso di