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Inaugural Conference of the PhD school of Life Sciences

mardi 05 mar 2019
Rectorat - Directement rattaché au rectorat

The Faculties of Medicine and Science are pleased to invite you to celebrate the new doctoral school of Life Sciences at the University of Geneva, created in June 2018. The conference will provide an overview of the new PhD School and showcase research and theses from both faculties.
Presentations will be followed by a drinks reception offered by the Rectorate and the two faculties.


Welcome address (Dominique Soldati-Favre & Jean-Luc Wolfender, vice-deans)

Presentation of the doctoral school (Program directors)

Seminar 1: Go with the flow – Connexins in atherosclerosis (Prof Brenda Kwak)

My Thesis in 180s
Drug resistance in breast cancer (Dina Hany, Faculty of Science)
Recipe for an anti-staphylococcal cocktail revealed by metabolomics (Bartosz Gdaniec, Faculty of Medicine)

Seminar 2: The sick sense is in the nose (Prof Ivan Rodriguez)

Drinks reception