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Interpreting in UN Field Missions

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lundi 07 jan 2019
Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation - Directement rattaché à l'ETI

The United Nations deploys staff interpreters and employs freelance interpreters to ensure effective multilingual communication in the different field missions organised by the organisation. In general, interpreter recruitment is based on their language combination. Whilst mastering the languages involved, however, these ad-hoc interpreters do not have any formal training in interpreting for UN field missions. Most UN interpreters who work in the field do so in human rights missions. Their primary task is to enable the local population and authorities to describe the situation in their country. In the field, UN interpreters sometimes face situations that they may not be equipped for. These include unfamiliar settings, psychological implications as well as particular security matters.
The FTI has longstanding experience in the training of conference interpreters, including interpreters working in the field in the context of humanitarian organisations. Owing to its comprehensive line of research focused on interpreting in zones and scenarios of crisis and conflict, FTI has the required qualifications to provide a training programme specifically adapted to the needs of UN staff interpreters working in humanitarian and human rights field missions.