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mercredi 14 nov 2018
Rectorat - Directement rattaché au rectorat

At this conference, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet will discuss the complex daily challenges the world is facing, notably the undermining of multilateralism, and the erosion of the values and norms promoting equality and human dignity. Ms. Bachelet, who took office on 1 September 2018, will reaffirm the importance of human rights – all human rights – and how they must remain a core focus of multilateralism, as building stones for peaceful and equal societies.

As two-term President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet promoted the participation of women in political life, the rights of LGBTI individuals, as well as the right to education, among others. After working closely with the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization, Ms. Bachelet became the first Director of UN Women. She has a Medical Degree in Surgery, with a specialization in Pediatrics and Public Health.