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Rendez-vous de l'enseignement 2017: Adopting more Open Practices for Learning, Teaching and Research

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jeudi 11 mai 2017
Rectorat - Directement rattaché au rectorat

Digital technologies offer a rich variety of ways in which we can interact with rich multimedia and ways to communicate and collaborate. Social media, in particular, have resulted in more open practice, which have significant implications for learning, teaching and research. The talk will trace the origins of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement and the emergence of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It will argue that these are examples of disruptive innovation, which have implications for how learners learn and how they get accreditation, how teachers design and implement learning innovation. It will discuss how open practices are changing the way researchers create and share knowledge.

Lien pour les slides et documents :

Steve Bennoun
on 18/5/17
Steve Bennoun
on 18/5/17
Conférence de Grainne Conole (en Anglais)
Steve Bennoun
on 18/5/17
Allocution d'ouverture:
Mme M. Louis-Courvoisier, vice-rectrice à l'enseignement, et
M. L. Bernheim, vice-doyen à l'enseignement de la facutlé de médecine.

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