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Mission to Impact

mardi 16 mai 2023
Rectorat - Directement rattaché au rectorat

How to bridge the divide between breakthrough scientific discovery and commercial success? What can we learn from successful examples from the Stanford University and the Silicon Valley as well the Lake of Geneva region?

This conference will look upon the work realized by research institutions, working together with private companies & financial sponsors to put impactful innovations to the marketplace.

Luis Mejia, Senior Associate at Stanford University will share his insider experience of the story behind the launch and spinoff of Google as well as other impactful innovations transferred during his +20 years of experience at the heart of Silicon Valley.

Other examples of impactful innovations from the University of Geneva and the Lake Geneva area will be also showcased.

As conclusion, a round table will address the definition of impact and the lessons learned in optimizing the connection and collaboration between hospitals, academic, private industry and sponsors in bridging early-stage research and successful diffusion of impactful innovations.

Laurent Mieville
on 24/5/23

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