Filippova Olga
Elphel Inc. was founded in 2001 by Dr. Andrey Filippov with the idea of designing Open
Hardware high performance cameras, using the principles found in Free and Open Source
Software development and in scientific research. We would like to present our experience in
doing business as an open hardware company, developing high performance products
distributed under GNU/GPL and CERN OH licenses, which are open to modifications and
valued by scientific community around the globe.

Olga Filippova
Olga Filippova is a vice-president of Elphel, business manager and project coordinator.
She is also responsible for customer relations, sales and marketing. Olga holds a
Master's Degree in Architecture, with professional experience in 3D modelling and
project management, and has been with the company since it's start in 2001.
Andrey N. Filippov
Andrey N. Filippov has over 30 years of experience in the embedded systems design.
Since graduation from the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology in 1978 he
worked for the General Physics Institute (Moscow, Russia) in the area of high-speed
high-resolution, mixed signal design, application of PLDs and FPGAs, and
microprocessor-based embedded system hardware and software design, with a special
focus on image acquisition methods for laser physics studies and computer automation
of scientific experiments. Andrey holds a PhD in Physics from the Moscow Institute for
Physics and Technology.
In 1995 Andrey moved to the United States and after working for Cordin Company (Salt
Lake City, Utah) for 6 years in 2001 started Elphel, Inc. dedicated to doing business in
emerging field of open systems based on free (GNU/GPL) software and open
Oleg Dzhimiev
Oleg Dzhimiev has been working at Elphel as an electronics engineer since 2009. Oleg
holds a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute of
Physics and Technology, Moscow Russia. His professional experience includes
working with network digital cameras, creating firmware for Elphel network cameras
and extension boards, using Verilog FPGA language, creating tests for network
cameras, creating image-processing workflows and image processing tools related to
camera calibration.