NCCR Affective Sciences
Lombardo Patrizia, Scherer Klaus Rainer, Sander David, Vuilleumier Patrik, Deonna Julien, Grandjean Didier + 27 autres
The NCCR Affective Sciences celebrates its 12 years of fruitful research on emotion. 12 years of a Swiss-wide interdisciplinary team of researchers with a vast network of international collaborators. 12 years working to advance our understanding of emotions and their impact on human cognition, behavior and society. 12 years translating research into real-life applications in the arts, education, health, industry and technology. 12 years of success.
This occasion signals the official conclusion of the NCCR period, but the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences will continue to operate at the University of Geneva as a world leading institution in the study of emotion.
On Thursday 18 and Friday 19 May 2017 the Center hosted an international scientific conference featuring the project leaders of the NCCR and a select group of invited speakers. Together they presented and commented on the significance of the results of the research carried out at the NCCR in the past 12 years, and related scientific advances.